Nesting for One: When the Wait Prepares You for More in God

A story of disappointments, strength, struggle, endurance, love, and faith while
waiting on a miracle.

Nesting for One
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A true story about faith

The Bible tells us that before the foundations of the earth, the Lord knew us. He knew everything about us, even before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs. And he has even counted every hair on our heads! Yet many of us forget that we have his divine finger upon our spirits, and sometimes when things go God’s way instead of our own way, we can feel impatient or abandoned.

In Nesting for One: When the Wait Prepares You for More in God! author Shamonda Dunton shares the real-life journey of her and her husband’s experience with doubt, struggles, and disappointments in the midst of their desires to have a child and start a family. Yet this devoted couple was able to face the challenge of faith and find strength while waiting on the promises of God to manifest themselves, even when years of waiting didn’t turn out as expected. But they learned from the experience and now share with fellow believers that everything is according to God’s time and will—it just takes patience and the imagination to recognize and accept God’s blessings when they come.

God has planned out your life according to his will, and he blesses each of his children with a special, unique purpose. By listening to God and trusting that he will provide a way for you to be fulfilled—even when your expectations are different than reality—you too can discover the patience and willingness to wait on God’s time.

Meet the Author
Shamonda Dunton

Shamonda was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, and she grew up as the youngest of three girls. She has been married to her husband Ralph for seventeen years, and through their union, they have together given birth to several projects to advance the kingdom. They have totally committed to spreading the gospel through plays, books, poems, and whatever outlet God gives them.

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